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My names Carissa, I'm the Therapeutic and Counselling Specialist at Attuned Support.
After 7 years working with women, children, and families; during  traumatic, and life-changing experiences, I created Attuned Support, with the goal of providing inclusive and accessible support for those who need it most.
Our interventions and strategies are  evidence based, aimed at increasing safety, improving communication, building resilience and developing opportunities, while partnering  in the journey of healing.
Attuned Support, applies the knowledge gained through my bachelor degree in human services, qualifications in counselling, and 2yrs of undergraduate Psychology study.

approach to
attuned relationships

Learn about boundaries, connection, relationship and living well

The relationships we form with ourselves, and others shape our experiences throughout our live. At Attuned Support, we use a range of therapeutic and counselling theories to help you explore the boundaries, values, bonds, beliefs, and patterns, within your relationships.

Our goal is to help you build authentic connections with yourself and others, as you journey towards a deeper understanding of the patterns that shape your relationships, wellbeing, needs, and motivations. We'll be there to support you, providing you with valuable tools to help you grow, communicate successfully, and connect authentically.

Sharing our story nurtures healing, and resilience. creating opportunities for attuned, meaningful connections.

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Attuned Support is committed to supporting women's rights and increasing women's safety through empowerment and education about social and gender equality. Using a range of social and therapeutic theories, we’ll support you to identify strengths and motivation for change.



 Attuned Support provides neuro-inclusive services for adults, youth, and children. We provide person centred support that considers sensory differences, communication needs, and accommodations for neurodiverse individuals, families and loved ones. Using a variety of tools and strategies, that help you identify and reach your goals.



Play is key to developing resilience and health throughout life. At Attuned Support, we use play and creativity to aid in learning new ways of understanding thoughts and emotions. This helps increase self-awareness and emotional processing through fun and creative expression. While developing communication skills and resilience through relationships.



Attuned Support is an LGBTQ+ owned service that provides LGBTQ+ affirming, safe, and inclusive support and services to individuals, allies, and families from our community. We prioritize flexibility and choice, adapting our approach and support to meet you where you are on your LGBTQ+ journey. Our services include peer mentoring, support with gender affirming information and resources, LGBTQ+ rights and advocacy, and building a safe community where topics such as coming out, family relationships, and self-acceptance can be explored together.



At Attuned Support, believes that support should be available to everyone, regardless of their location. That's why we offer the choice of online services through video conferencing.

Our holistic approach to therapeutic support is particularly beneficial for families living in remote areas. Through an innovative approach, we’ll support your family, community, and friends to strengthen the skills, strategies and networks of support that best meet your needs.

A flexible approach

means we'll explore what works for you

Get in touch to learn more.

Connection is " The energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”


Brene Brown


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